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Our custom metal stickers are renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality, setting us apart in the industry. Whether you're looking for a unique branding solution or a way to make your products stand out, Jttlogos is your go-to source for all your metallic sticker needs.

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  • Make Up To $4, $5 And Even $8 Per Mile With Our LTL PROFIT BOOSTER SEARCH (Quickly add 3 to 6 partial loads in one lane)
  • Unlimited users saves you big money. Example: 10 users on the two leading boards is $390 to $1390 or more but, on FreightBook One account at $59.99 per month allows all the agents you have.
  • Two Types Of Loads (Pro Direct Contact and Open Bidding)
  • Industry Changing Searches
  • Pro and Novice Direct Shippers, Auction Freight & Broker Loads All On One Board
  • BOL Is Created By The FreightBook 365 Platform (Bid loads)
  • Shippers Pay For Freight At Booking (Bid loads, via SafePay)
  • Carriers Get Paid For Freight At Delivery (Bid loads)
  • No Need For Factoring Companies (Bid loads)
  • Advocating For And With Independent Carriers (To  Include Organization Of Strikes When Needed,  See Section Below)


Make $4, $5 and Even Up To $8 Per Mile

Until now, loading your truck with 3 to 6 or more LTL (partial) loads has been nearly impossible but, the FreightBook 365 load matching system has changed everything. With our “LTL PROFIT BOOSTER SEARCH” you can quickly add multiple partial loads on one truck in minutes and maximize your profits. Never move your truck with empty space again.

Imagine what this means for your yearly bottom line? Just one of the innovative changes FreightBook is making to the trucking industry. Real changes that benefit you directly.




                                                                               –Barbara Mikulski


You Have Great Power In Numbers

We Will Advocate and Organize With You

FreightBook has committed to advocating on behalf of Independent Carriers and Owner Operator drivers in The U.S.A. and Canada. The lobbyist controlled entities that are supposed to help you won’t because of big money interest. It is of our opinion that big business is controlling the prices. After speaking with many carriers, it seems to be a general  consensus between drivers, that they are getting sub-par mileage rates. There are some crazy things going on in the world today and drivers must realize, we are on our own. All indicators point to diesel going much higher in 2023. You can be damn sure that the powers that be will not be raising the mile rates to a fair level.

With the organizational help of FreightBook, we can all join together and use the power of driver unity in your favor. There is no cost for FreightBook to organize and advocate on your behalf. All you have to do is join the amazing FreightBook load board with unlimited users for only $59.99 monthly. All FreightBook needs from you is your email or text number as we will be keeping in touch with drivers on the road.

We will be taking polls and asking for information including votes on conditions and topics of the trucking industry. This will give us information to fight back for better rates. This will include organizing of strikes from time to time. Don’t worry about cancel culture, we have ways of organizing and carrying out strikes anonymously so there won’t be any draining of anyone’s bank account like earlier in 2022 and there won’t be any cost to travel.

We have a unique organize and “strike in place” tactic that does not cost drivers more money than the strike down time will. In fact, most can simply strike safely at home with their families. Drivers cannot pay $6.00+ per gallon for diesel and receive only $2.00 per mile rates,  it’s not sustainable. We will help you all demand a minimum of $3.00 or more per mile on standard freight (IE: Dry Van, Step Deck, Flatbed) and more on reefer and specialty hauls of course. This is the FreightBook promise to the independent carriers and drivers of North America.


More freight from more types of shippers than any other load board!


  • Large Corporate Shippers
  • Direct Shippers
  • Brokers, Large and Small
  • Auction Freight
  • Online Sales Company Freight
  • Novice and Private Individual Shippers



Tens of thousands of 53′ and 48′ Dry Vans with all the options needed to move any Dry Van freight.


Tens of thousands of 53′ and 48′ Step Deck trailers with all the options needed to move any open deck freight.


Tens of thousands of 53′ and 48′ Flatbeds with all the options needed to move any open deck freight.


Thousands of 53′ and 48′ Temp controlled vans for produce, frozen foods, chemical and any cold freight.


An army of professionals with all types of Heavy and specialty trailers with the ability to haul up to 800,000 lbs.


Thousands of professional drivers and their expertise are available for you.  No freight is too tall, too wide or too long for this equipment.


Thousands of professional drivers of all straight truck box lengths from 12′ to 32′ and everything in between. Single and team drivers.


Thousands of single car and multiple car professional drivers that can carrier vehicles in enclosed or open trailers.


Thousands of professional drivers for flatbed freight that is smaller or lighter in weight. Great for rolling freight.


Thousands of Professionals drivers for hauling or towing boats, yachts and sailboats.


Special pricing on freight that is palletized or crated under 5,000 lbs and 12 ft of truck floor.     


Freight to the worlds ports via ocean or air. Forwarding and customs help is available.         GET INFO